2017 - Season Highlights

London Bridge Open Club Session

May 2017

On Thursday evenings since the 25th May to 20th July, LBVC is proud to present an Open Club Session for our members at Marlborough Sports Garden from 19:00 to 21:00.

The address of the court is Marlborough Sports Garden, 27 Union St, London SE1 1SD.

The court is approximately 5 min walk from the station, is bigger than Shoreditch, and has a weather shelter.

There are 6 place per session and a waiting list. After a quick warm up, members play 15pt or 21pt games, 2 a-side rotating partners within the group of 6 players attending the session.

Members can reserve their place for these sessions 7 days prior to the session online.

Opening season event 8th April


April 2017

A big thank you to all who joined us on the 8th of April at Shoreditch Park for our opening season event. We were 56 players on the sand!!! The weather was amazing, sunny and warm, and the atmosphere between players fabulous. We hope you had the chance to meet new people, enjoy time on the court and taste the chocolates that Pauline shared with us.

LBVC is now on Twitter!

April 2017

At LBVC we like to embrace new experiences and we have finally create our Twitter account to bring you updates on the club activities, coaching sessions, and the latest news related to sports and volleyball with a specific focus on beach volleyball. If you want to be part of the beach volleyball community you can just share interesting links with us or post pictures of your last game. Yes, that one when you jumped 2 meters or made a great hit, and why not, the one when you end up on the sand 2 meters away of the ball.

Follow us on Twitter @BeachVolleyLBVC


2015 - Season Highlights

End of Season Drinks

December 2015

We end the season drinks at Robson’s Penthouse in London Bridge. Thank you to our host Robson. Great company and views of London.


Go Spike Event

August 2015

August Bank Holiday weekend LBVC hosted a Volleyball England Go Spike Event.

Every year on the May and August Bank Holiday weekends, Go Spike Events are hosted by Volleyball clubs across the UK to promote all disciplines of volleyball (sitting, beach, grass etc.) by inviting members of the public to play.

Unfortunately, the weather was not great on the August bank holiday weekend and our event was rained out.

A special thank you to Silvana Hibell and Florence Grand who stuck around in miserable weather.

Every cloud has a silver lining, as we had the pleasure of meeting local resident A-Risara Nammondee who has been a member of our club and introduced other local residents to the club.


Barn Elms/LBVC 3 a-side tournament 

August 2015

LBVC worked with Nikki Strachan and the team from the Barn Elms Sport Centre to host a 3 a-side tournament on Saturday 22nd August 2015 at Barn Elms Sport Centre.

Fund raised from the tournament was split between Tuskers (Nikki’s Indoor Club) and LBVC.

Nikki not only works for Wandsworth Council at the Barns Elms Beach Volleyball Facility but has also built up a successful group of younger players who are set to be brilliant beach volleyball players.

Thank you to Alberto Calvente Mena from our club who volunteer for the day as the Tournament Manager.


Beach Taster Event for 150 School Children from Hoxton Garden

June 2015

On the 30th June 2015, with record temperatures of 32 degrees LBVC help Hoxton Garden School to kick off their Keeping Health Week with beach taster sessions for 150 school children aged 6 to 11 years old.

Three volunteers; Amanda Els, Heiner Alzate and Martina Janečková along with the teachers from the school ran the day at our court in Shoreditch Park. It goes without saying a big thank you to the volunteers especially Heiner who coached the sessions.

Thanks to SideOut who lent us beach volleyballs for the day.
“Just wanted to say another massive thank you for your work on Tuesday. The children absolutely loved it”. Lorna Ward Teacher from Hoxton Garden


EU Be Active Campaign 

April 2015

At the end of April 2015, LBVC was approached by a TV Production company who were making a short film for the European Union to promote sports.

LBVC volunteers; Amanda Els and Tsy Toq worked hard to find 17 volunteers to participate in the film and with support from Neil Brown, Manager at Leyton Orient Trust who arrange a time for the filming.

Volunteers were paid for their time. Filming took place in May 2015 at the Leyton Orient Score Centre and while everyone didn’t make the final cut video it was certainly a great experience.

European Week of Sport Inspirational video was aired on Eurosport, posted on EU Official Partners UEFA, FA, EOC) and headline the flagship European Week of Sport event on 9 September 2015.


Shoreditch Park Refurbishment Project

February 2015

Shoreditch Park was London’s first BEACH court. Opened in Sept 2005 as a temporary pilot facility, the court was not built to permanent standards; the sand came from a one-off tournament in Dartford.  

The court was assembled with help from Hackney & Dartford Councils, J Clubb aggregates, Volleyball England, The London Volleyball Association, London Beach Volleyball Club, Dartford Volleyball Club, London Spiker Knights Volleyball Club, UK Foot Volley Association and others.  

Key contributors were Mark Kontopoulos (then President of the Volleyball England Beach Commission and now the founder of SideOut UK and Chris Baker (LBVC Committee). The London Borough of Hackney deserve credit for allowing what may have seemed a zany idea to take shape.  

Between Sept ’14 and Feb’15, LBVC worked with Hackney Council on a project to refurbish the court. The main benefits of the project are better edges and new sand.  The new plastic edging should be safer if players run over it, and will last longer. The work was completed by a company called Beach Events.

LBVC had many great days in the Summer of 2015 at Shoreditch Park and would like to thank both the Hackney Council and Beach Events Team.

There is a lot of funding available in the UK and further projects could be undertaken to improve the court. However, we need volunteers who are committed to these types of project. Credit is due to Amanda Els and Chris Baker, as well as our previous chair Ellen Hesper who worked with the Hackney Council on the refurbishment project.


Open Club Session at London Bridge on Tuesday evening between May and August

Open Club Session at Shoreditch Park on Saturday & Sunday