Where can I play beach volleyball in London?

Check out the listing of beach volleyball courts in London.

I have never play beach volleyball, where should I start?

Join a club to attend coaching sessions and social play session. Stay connected on Facebook by liking the following pages : Barn Elms Club, Deep Dish Volleyball Club, London Beach Volleyball Club, SideOut, Wimbledon Beach Volleyball Club. There are loads of Facebook and Whatsapp groups which people will naturally add you to as you integrate into the London beach volleyball community  …

We are a friendly bunch of people who are passionate about the game. We eat , sleep and play beach volleyball and then hit repeat. The general rule of thumb is work hard on the court during training sessions , have a positive attitude and always have fun! We also like to party hard , especially after tournaments.

Are there any indoor beach volleyball courts in London?

Currently in the UK , the only indoor beach court is in Bournemouth at the Leaf Academy.

How do I find people to play with?
Where can I find beach volleyball training ?

Check out our list of clubs offering beach volleyball training in London


How do I join LBVC?
Why should I join LBVC?

London Beach Volleyball Club was the first beach volleyball club in London. In 2005, our club help to set up London’s first beach volleyball court in Shoreditch Park Court. We continue to work with Hackney Council to manage the use of the court for our members and promote beach volleyball in London.

The average cost of court hire in London is between £15 and £32.50 per hour. Our members benefit from free use of the Shoreditch Park Court. We provide access to a members-only Whatapp Group to help you organise play.


What is an Open Club Session?

Open Club Sessions are open to all member of the London Beach Volleyball Club. Members can sign up for the session on our website and meet at the court to play 2 a-side games.

How do I sign up for an Open Club Session?

London Beach Volleyball Club Members can sign up for Open Club Sessions by logging on to the MEMBERS ONLY section on our website.

If it rains will the Open Club Session be cancelled ?

Yes , unless it is heavy rain. When joining LBVC, your mobile number is added to a WhatApp Group. We will notify you in this group if the session is cancelled due to weather.


How do I book Shoreditch Court?

London Beach Volleyball Club Members can book the court and use our club equipment (balls, net and line) on our website by logging on to the MEMBERS ONLY section.

Do i need to set up the net and bring balls if I hire a court?

London Beach Volleyball Club provides the net, lines and balls for members. You will need to set up the net and lines.


I cannot log in because I forgot my Username and/or Password?

Drop us an email at and we will get this sorted for you ASAP. If you need any help just send us an email or a private facebook message