Believe it or not it is summer!! Yes ok, it’s British Summer!! But at least the days are longer.

LBVC has teamed up with Lululemon to bring you a tournament and a yoga session at Shoreditch Park next Sunday 20th August.

The event is open to members and guests. If you are a member, you will have already received an Eventbrite invitation by email with the instructions and password to register. Follow the link so we can keep track of the numbers to ensure you all enjoy a fun sportive day. We can not guarantee it will be sunny, but we can assure it will be funny.



  • 9:30am: Come early morning for an energizing Vinyasa Flow Yoga session. Lululemon will provide the yogi and the mats. Look for us next to the court.
  • 11:00am: We kick off the King & Queen of the Court Tournament. You don’t have to come with a partner as we encourage trying to play with different people each game. This will help to meet other people, learn from them or support them to learn new techniques, but above all, enjoy the spirit of sportsmanship.
  • 7:30pm: The two players with the most points will play the final game.
  • 8:00pm: Prize ceremony and closure of the event


Tournament Format


  1. To start the tournament all players will draw a number out of a box. The two players who draw no.1 take the winning side of the court to start the tournament.
  2. You can only score points on the winning side of the court. Any points scored count towards your individual total.
  3. On the other side of the court (not the winning side), all other players form a queue to play 5pt against the players who are holding the winning side.
  4. The challengers need to win the game to progress to the winning side and only then score points.
  5. Points earned on the winning side will be recorded against the individual name.
  6. At 19:25, the two individuals with the highest scores will be announced.
  7. These two individuals will pick a partner and play a 15pt or 21pt (time permitting) game against each other.
  8. The winner of this game is the winner of the tournament. Either a king (male) or a queen (female).
  9. The second position either prince or princess will be the second player with more point (not the chosen partner of the winner of the final game).


Tournament Rules


  • Only open to LBVC Members and guest. 1 guest per member.
  • You have to partner with different people. Continuous partner the challenger’s side are not allowed as it’s a social event!
  • Teams challenging the winners can be mixed or same sex.
  • Normal 2 a-side beach rules apply.
  • Points can only be scored on the “King/Queen’s side of the court”.
  • 5-point games, service starts on the challengers’ side.
  • Points are counted against the individual player.
  • Players are responsible for recording their points clearly on the scoreboard.
  • Players can leave the court and come back during the day. Their points will be retained. All players must be at the court at 7:25 when to qualify for the final game.
  • Tournament Managers’ (Jackie and Amanda) decisions are final.



  1. The King or Queen (1st place) will get a Lululemon tank top and pair of shorts + one full LBVC membership for 2018
  2. The Prince or Princess (2nd Place) will get a Lululemon tank top + one half LBVC membership for 2018

Organic birch water will be provided by TAPPED!

Special thanks to our sponsor and co-organisers:



Tapped Trees