London Beach Volleyball Club welcome new and previous players; beginners to advanced. Sessions start with warm-up exercises, then enjoyable drills for skill development, and usually end with game situations to embed the learning.  Often after the 2nd session of the day at 16:30 participants arrange to play on for an hour or so.  Danny keeps the training fun, with lots of positive feedback.  It’s a great way to meet people and improve!

We offer two coached sessions on Saturday mornings at Shoreditch Park Court. The coach this year is Danny Wol. The sessions are : Advanced 12:00 to 14:00 and Improving Beginners 14:30 to 16:30

Each 2 hours session is limited to 8 players per session. The cost is just £10 per person. Sign up each week to secure your place. Bookings can only be made 6 days advance. On Wednesday evenings, the bookings will be reviewed and approved by LBVC. Preference will be given to LBVC Members. You will receive an email confirming your place after Wednesday evening.

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Danny Wol has over 20 years of coaching experience as a beach and indoor coach.  He has excellent communication skills and extensive knowledge enabling him to coach players at all levels from international to absolute beginners. As a player, he won the Beach Tour, British Championships, British Open, as well as dozens of the top-level beach tournaments. In the indoor game, he played for 16 years in the top division (primarily for Aquila and Lynx).

As well as having been a league and cup dCoachouble winning captain, he remains one a handful of players to be award the “Indoor Player of the Year” three times.  He played for the UK National team for 13 years as a left side passer hitter and played against most of the top European teams (Italy, Holland, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland etc.) in various tournaments, including the European Championships.

Danny is keen to pass on skills, knowledge and help foster the love for the game at London Beach Volleyball Club.